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Aluminum Composite Panel


Fun in sunny days is all about enjoying the sun outdoors in Singapore. However, direct sunlight can be harmful and drain you of your bodily fluids, which can leave you fatigued and exhausted. Moreover it can also damage your skin.

The solution to this problem is a little shade, such as aluminium composite panel or some call it aluminium composite shelter in your outdoor space, which would make things a lot better. If you are looking for adding a structure to your patio or backyard for some shade then this is the answer for you.

Aluminum composite panel provides your outdoor space with shade while adding character to your house. Sunny days can get extremely hot in Singapore and having some shade to keep things a little cooler is essential.

Aluminum composite shelter comes in various colours and you should do proper research before buying the product. You should look for the colours that would work best with the architecture of your house.

You can also ask a aluminium composite panel specialist in Singapore to guide you by explaining what you have in mind. Giving the consultant a tour of your house will be a good idea as well. When you have checked all the right boxes only then you should make your purchase.

Unlike other materials such as wood etc, aluminum composite shelter requires less maintenance, which makes it a better choice for outdoor space. Aluminum can withstand different weather conditions and does not require reinstallation every few years.

Aluminum composite panel can be installed as an extension to the house or it can be an independently standing structure depending on your choice and demand. There are many designs available in the market and most manufacturers offer various finishes of the product to suit your needs.

Aluminum composite shelter can add aesthetic value to your property while providing shelter from the sun. It is a great way to enjoy your outdoor space without feeling too hot. Aluminum trellis can be accessorized with different things like curtains, ceiling fans, lighting etc to add your own personal touch to the structure and to make the space more comfortable for yourself.

Questions to ask before buying aluminum composite panel:

  • Where are you going to install the product?
  • What kind of design and coverage are you looking for?
  • How open or private do you want the space to be?
  • What kind of finish would you prefer to have?

Benefits of an Aluminum Composite shelter:

  • Aluminum composite shelter cools things down by blocking direct sunlight.
  • It adds character to the house by aesthetically enhancing the space.

Don’t choose Aluminum Composite Panel if:

If you do not want to add a large solid structure to your property then you should not choose Aluminum composite panel as your patio or backyard shade. There are other options available in the market and you should look into them and decide what would work best for you.


If you choose not to buy Aluminum composite shelter then you can look into alternatives such as;

  • Outdoor canopy
  • Outdoor umbrellas
  • Patio covers
  • Gazebos

All these products also come in various designs, patterns, materials and sizes. You should do a thorough research to see which product will fulfill your requirements prior to making a purchase.

Why engage ENVI As Your Singapore Aluminium Composite shelter supplier?

  • We DO NOT Charge GST
  • We welcome OWNERS GROUP-BUY
  • We could provide architectural drawings, if necessary
  • We could assist in obtaining endorsement from Professional Engineer (P.E.), optional
  • We could assist in the submission to MCST or Condominium Management Office for approval should you live in condominium or apartment
  • We offer our clients with premium quality aluminium composite shelter with great workmanship
  • We employ the best and skilled aluminium composite shelter installers in Singapore
  • Our customer care are highly service-oriented
  • We provide swift after-sale service

no gst and group-buy option


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