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Bamboo Ceilings


A ceiling is typically an inner surface and does not have anything to do with the structural element of the roof. A ceiling is added to make the room look more aesthetically appealing and people choose various types of ceilings to go with the design of their houses.

One of the more creative options in Singapore for your ceilings is Bamboo ceilings or bamboo chick ceiling, which are made of actual bamboos. Bamboo belongs to the grass family and the Giant bamboos are the largest of the kind. Bamboos can grow as tall as 91 cm and are stronger than wood, concrete and even bricks and that is the reason why bamboos are considered such good building materials.

Bamboo is also considered as a great product to add accent to a house or building and it has become a significant part of the interior design world.
Bamboo ceilings are considered tasteful and innovative; they are widely used in modern homes and architecture.

How to Choose a Bamboo Ceiling

Before buying a bamboo ceiling there are a few things that you should take into consideration.
It is important to make sure that the product was processed to resist insects and from rotting. Bamboo can be treated with Boric acid mixed with Borax, which gives it the required protection from insects and prevents it from rotting.
• Bamboos can be cut into laminated sheets and planks and it is significant to know how mature the plant was from which the bamboo was taken because its durability depends on it. A six years old plant would produce the strongest bamboo. The manufacturer should be able to give the required information.
Ask yourself where you will be using the product and then purchase accordingly.
• Make sure that the design and the furniture in the room compliments the bamboo ceiling.

Benefits of choosing a Bamboo ceiling

Bamboo ceilings are easy to install and do not require any special tools.
• If compared with other building materials, bamboo is cheaper to buy and requires less maintenance.
Bamboo ceiling looks good and adds an aesthetic appeal to the house.
• It is an eco-friendly product and it keeps the house cool which makes it a great choice for countries with hot climate.
Bamboo ceilings have high resistance to harsh weathers and earthquakes.

Cons of choosing a Bamboo ceiling

Bamboo can rot and is likely to attract insects if not processed properly. You can avoid this issue by making sure that the product you purchase was processed properly.

Alternative products

If you are not sure about using a bamboo ceiling then there are other alternatives, which you can use as your ceiling.
• Ceiling tiles.
• Tongue and Grove ceiling.
• Brick ceilings.
• Coffered ceilings.
• Ceilings made from reclaimed wood.

Although Bamboo ceilings can be an excellent choice to add accent to a room, but it can get tricky to decorate the room. It is therefore important to think it through before you purchase the product. You can consult an interior designer or search online for different ideas and choose what works best for you.

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