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Glass Roof


More common in commercial buildings, glass roofs are also used for green houses, conservatories or sun rooms. However, that does not mean you cannot have a glass roof for the entire house. When it comes to choosing the right roof for your house it all depends on your personal choice.

Glass roofs have more clarity. It can instantly brighten up a room and make you feel like you are outdoors. Glass roofs give the house a more modern and contemporary look. However, before making the decision it is essential to do your research and find out what kind of glass to use for your roofing.

Questions you should ask before buying glass roof

  • Do you want the glass roof for the entire house or just for a part of the house?
  • Which part of the house or which particular room will have the glass roof?
  • Does the glass roof have proper insulation?
  • How durable is the glass?
  • How will you maintain the glass roof?

Ask the manufacturer about insulation, durability and maintenance of a glass roof so that you can get proper guidance prior to making the purchase. After you have gathered all the information then decide whether you want a glass roof or not.

It is advisable to go for a glass roof that is self-cleaning because glass it can become a bit difficult to clean the roofs regularly. Self-cleaning glass roofs are manufactured in a way that it can use UV rays to melt dirt and clean itself.

If glass roof is not for the entire house then you should look into the option of a glass shelter. It will fit your need and can be more economical.

Glass shelter

A glass shelter covers a particular part of the house. It provides the area shelter and brightens it up by letting the light in. A glass shelter can typically be used for the house entrance or back room of the house. However, it is not restricted to those areas; glass shelter can also be used as an extension to your window like a canopy.

Tempered glass roofing

Another type of glass roof is the tempered glass roofing. Tempered glass is much stronger and does not break easily. However, when it does break it breaks into small granular pieces and does not scatter which makes it safe. This happens due to heat treatment the tempered glass goes through. Moreover, tempered glass is also treated with hydrofluoric acid, which makes the glass stronger and gives it the ability to become scratch resistant. All these qualities make tempered glass a great choice for roofing.

Benefits of glass roof

  • If you like light then it is needless to say that a glass roof is the right choice.
  • Glass roof is more sound proof than other types of roofs.
  • It gives the place a modern and contemporary look.

Cons of having a glass roof

  • Lack of privacy
  • Glass roof can make a room hotter in summers and colder in winters.
  • It is more expensive than other types of roofs.


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