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Two of the main reasons that can keep you from having outdoor fun are the sun and rain. In Singapore, almost everyday is a good day to be outdoors, however too much sun exposure can be harmful. To make your outdoor activities fun and comfortable you can use an outdoor umbrella.

Outdoor Umbrellas let you enjoy the sun while protecting you protected from harmful rays. These umbrellas can also provide protection from light rain and allow you to enjoy a nice picnic or other activities in the rain. Furthermore an outdoor umbrella is also a great way of adding color and style to your backyard furniture. Therefore with these umbrellas you can get both style and comfort.

Outdoor umbrellas can also be used by business owners such as restaurant owners. Restaurants that have outdoors sitting arrangement prefer to use outdoor umbrellas to make the dining experience for their customers a cozy and comfortable one. Because no one enjoys food with rain drops falling in their plates or with the sun hurting their eyes.

What to consider before buying an outdoor umbrella?

While choosing an outdoor umbrella you must take into consideration its material, texture, size and adjustability options. There are many types of outdoor umbrellas available in the market; therefore you should do proper research before buying one for your backyard or patio.

Types of outdoor umbrellas

The most common types of outdoor umbrellas are:

  • Residential umbrellas – these are designed to be used in home backyards or patios. These umbrellas are attached to a base and their pole goes through a hole in the table.
  • Market umbrellas – they are heavier than residential umbrellas and can be used in houses as well as small businesses.
  • Commercial umbrellas – these are meant to be used for commercial purposes like restaurants etc. The commercial umbrellas do not have a lot of variety to choose from as they come in certain standard designs.
  • Cantilever umbrellas – cantilever umbrellas have their poles set at the side and these umbrellas hang over the table.

It is essential to know why you are buying an outdoor umbrella and then choose one that best fulfils your needs. All these types of umbrellas come in different designs and fabrics. Once you decide the type of umbrella you want, the next step is to choose its fabric and design.

Another thing to be taken into consideration before you buy an outdoor umbrella is its frame. Outdoor umbrellas come in there kinds of frames, aluminum, wood and fibreglass.

Aluminum Frames

Aluminum frames are light and durable and have a nice appearance. Aluminum frames are also cheaper than other frames and can bear almost all types of weathers.

Wood Frames

Wood frames are expensive and although they look good they are less durable than aluminum frames.

Fibreglass Frames

Fibreglass is the most durable frame material. It is flexible, light and can stand all types of weather conditions.

All these frames come in various sizes and you must know which frame and size you are looking for.

Ask yourself the following questions before making the purchase

  • Why are you buying an outdoor umbrella?
  • Where will you be keeping it?
  • How much do you want to spend?
  • What material do you prefer?
  • What kind of frame do you want?
  • What size are you looking for?

Other options

If you do not want to use an outdoor umbrella then you can always look into the option of an outdoor canopy. Outdoor canopies can provide protection and shade from the sun just like an outdoor umbrella. Portable canopies are very easy to install and uninstall.

Why engage ENVI As Your Singapore outdoor umbrella supplier?

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