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When it comes to choosing window coverings, you might be overwhelmed with lots of available window coverings in market. In recent years, bamboo blinds are very popular among homeowners around the world. Manufacturers have used advanced technology to provide homeowners with quality and classy bamboo blinds. Today’s bamboo blinds are very versatile and applicable for homes in many different climates.

Are bamboo blinds applicable for various home interior designs?

Bamboo blinds are basically attractive and they can be an ideal window covering for any home décor. They can add natural and warm atmosphere to the room where they are applied. Therefore, whether your home has a modern, traditional or minimalist setting, you can rest assured that bamboo blinds can be a perfect cover for your windows. Moreover, bamboo blinds are available in tens of colors and textures to easily fit with accessories in your room.

Are bamboo blinds eco friendly?

Unlike hardwood that needs at least five years to harvest, bamboo grows very quickly. Bamboo grows in many Asian countries and they are usually ready to harvest every two or three years. Therefore, even though the demands toward bamboo from around the world are quite high, bamboo’s impressing ability in regeneration makes the existence of bamboo remains safe. Moreover, bamboo blinds are biodegradable and if compared to plastic blinds, the manufacturing of bamboo blinds uses fewer chemicals.

Are bamboo blinds affordable?

Besides the flexibility to fit with various home decors, another reason that boosts the popularity of bamboo blinds is the price. Bamboo blinds are affordable for most households even when you compared them with those simple roller blinds.

Are bamboo blinds durable?

Although bamboo is actually a grass but manufacturers have processed bamboo at a high temperature and bind small pieces of bamboo into tight weaves. In this way, with proper treatment bamboo blinds can last between five and twenty years. Even bamboo blinds that come with 100 percent cotton backing are able to survive up to twenty five years. The good thing is that, although bamboo blinds are proven to be durable, they are very lightweight.

Do they provide privacy?

Most quality bamboo blinds in market are hand-made and you might find a few imperfections and tiny holes that enable light to pass through. However, although there are a few tiny holes, bamboo blinds are able to provide privacy when applied on windows in bedroom, living room or kitchen.

Is it easy to clean?

Regardless of the weaves, bamboo blinds do not require special cleaning and maintenance. Regular dusting or vacuuming is enough to keep the blinds clean. When vacuuming the blinds, it is recommended to use brush attachment to keep the weaves safe.