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Bamboo Blinds

Bamboo Blinds, also known as bamboo chicks, are much used in homes that go for a zen or rustic feel. Being light, durable and eco-friendly, bamboo blinds are ideal for the nature-loving and green homeowner like you. Bamboo blinds are versatile – they can be used indoors or outdoors.

One thing that tends to stop people from installing Bamboo Blinds is that they only come in the natural, bamboo color. However, 99Curtains also offers Bamboo Blinds in white and black, allowing you to easily match these beautiful blinds with your living space.

When it comes to maintenance, Bamboo Blinds are probably the longest-lasting material of blinds. They are naturally resistant to some water and even insects! Besides, if you have heard of bamboo clothing like t-shirts and socks, you would know that bamboo is used in cloth fabrics because they as they keep the body cool.

Likewise, Bamboo Blinds will be able to shelter you from the sun while keeping the indoors cool. This is a great benefit especially when living in Singapore’s hot weather!

You may also consider Wooden Blinds if you like the natural rustic look that Bamboo Blinds have to offer.

It’s highly recommended to engage a professional service when installing Bamboo Blinds.

We strongly advise against installing your own Bamboo Blinds, as you may injure yourself. Our professional installation team at 99Curtains are experienced in installing curtains and blinds, and can efficiently fix them up in very short time, while you sip on a cup of coffee and enjoy these rustic blinds being put up!

Besides, it is also important that your Bamboo Blinds are just the right width and length to cover your windows, which is why 99Curtains offer free on-site consultation where we take measurements and advise you on the best types of blinds to design your dream home!

Questions to ask when choosing Bamboo Blinds:

Do I want a natural wood color or black/white?
How long should my Bamboo Blinds be?
What sort of maintenance do my Bamboo Blinds need?
Do they come in manual/motorized options?
Is there warranty for the mechanisms?
Should I engage a professional to install my Bamboo blinds?

Where Can Bamboo Blinds Be Used?

Roof terraces

Bamboo Blinds are an Ideal Choice If:

You want a natural look in your living space
You are using it for the outdoors
You are looking for flexibility between privacy and light
You are looking for blinds for your kitchen or bathrooms
You want durable and easy to maintain blinds
You are an eco-friendly person!

You Shouldn’t Choose Bamboo Blinds if:

You would like to choose from a selection of different colors & designs
You prefer cloth-fabric blinds
You dislike the wooden/bamboo look of these blinds

But you can consider these alternatives:

Panel blinds
Rainbow blinds
Skylight blinds – for hard to reach places
Outdoor blinds – for outdoors
Vertical/Office Blinds

If you’re still not sure if Wooden blinds are for you, or need some expect advice, give us a call! Our friendly sales team will be able to advise you accordingly. Fix an appointment with us for a free on-site consultation today!