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Blackout Blinds


Blackout Blinds offer the ultimate privacy experience for dark rooms and offices. These blinds come in a wide range of fabric and color choices, allowing you to complement your home or office.

At home, blackout blinds are often used in bedrooms and the nursery. Since blackout blinds can fully block out light from outside and noise, they serve the purpose of providing an ideal environment for uninterrupted sleep.

Children who are easily startled from noise can also benefit from the block out of noise that Blackout Blinds give.

In the office, using blackout blinds can help improve work productivity. Offices with big windows allow more light to enter that can cause unwanted reflection off the computer screens. This can cause working on the computer to be disruptive and, creating a very unhealthy working environment.

With the use of Blackout Blinds, these unwanted computer glares are eliminated. Blackout blinds may also double up as a projection screen for offices with space constraints.

Another benefit of using Blackout Blinds is that they are able to help regulate the temperatures of your living space. This prevents your home or office from being over heated, in turn saving your precious money on electricity.

Blackout Blinds can be manually operated or using automated roller mechanisms. The latter offers the convenience of remote access to controlling your blinds.

If you’ve decided to install Blackout Blinds, it is also a good idea to hire a professional, like 99Curtains, to do the job. Since every home/office is unique, we offer free consultation at your time and place of convenience.

This allows us to take measurements, answer your questions and offer professional furnishing advice to help build your ideal space.

Besides Blackout Blinds, you may also want to consider Blackout Curtains that serve a similar purpose.

Questions to ask when choosing Blackout Blinds:

  • Where do I intend to install my Blackout Blinds?
  • What are my fabric choices for Blackout blinds?
  • What type of roller mechanisms are available?
  • Do I want to control my blinds automatically or manually?
  • Should I engage a professional to install my blinds for me?

Blackout Blinds Can Be Used in:

  • Offices
  • Lounges
  • Bedrooms
  • Nursery

Choose Blackout Blinds If:

  • You would like complete privacy and noise reduction
  • You are not relying on natural sunlight from outside to light up your living space
  • You would like to create a perfect sleep environment with minimal light and noise to disturb you
  • You have an office with tight spaces and could use an improvised projection screen

Blackout Blinds May Not Be a Good Option if:

  • You would like some flexibility over light and privacy
  • You are using the blinds for the outdoors
  • You prefer natural looking blinds like wood and bamboo
  • Your windows are at higher-up, hard-to-reach places

But you can consider these alternatives:

  • Wooden/Timber blinds
  • Raindbow/Shadow Blinds
  • PVC Blinds
  • Panel Blinds
  • Skylight Blinds
  • Outdoor Blinds
  • Bamboo Blinds/Chicks
  • Venetian Blinds

We know you might be confused, which is why we are here to help…

Our friendly sales team is standing by to assist you. We will also be happy to fix a free on-site consultation where our sales team will visit your home or office, offer your advice and provide you with fabric samples to choose from. Call us now!