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Motorized Electric Blinds


Motorized Blinds, or Electric Blinds, offer convenience with little effort required on your part. More homes are using motorized blinds!

With a touch of a button, your blinds can be adjusted to your desired liking, which allows more light to enter your living space, or giving you complete privacy when shut.

Motorized blinds may seem like a luxury used in hotels, but who says you can’t bring home this VIP experience? Also, motorized blinds make it easier to older family members to adjust their blinds to their needs.

With a remote control, you can also control your blinds at a distance. This is especially useful when you have Skylight Blinds that are difficult to reach. During rainy days, you can also control your outdoor blinds to extend out and shield your living space from rain.

Think of panel blinds that fill up the entire height of your windows. Moving them may be tricky and a hassle especially if you do that often. But with motorized blinds, all it takes is the touch of a button to do the trick!

Motorized blinds usually come with a warranty period that covers the mechanisms. So, it is important to ask your blinds specialist on the period of warranty, as well as what is covered. 99Curtains offers post-sales troubleshooting and support if you have purchased your motorized blinds from us.

Before installing motorized blinds, we would like to highlight that these blinds need to be connected to an electrical supply. This means that a wire will be running from your blinds to the power supply. If aesthetics is an issue to you, you may consider concealing the wire in a false ceiling or casing for a sleek, flawless look.

Our motorized blinds complement the following types of blinds:

Vertical/Office Blinds
Wooden/Timber Blinds
Rainbow/Shadow Blinds
PVC Blinds
Panel Blinds
Skylight Blinds
Outdoor Blinds
Bamboo Blinds/Chicks
Venetian Blinds

We strongly recommend that you try not to install motorized blinds yourself as the railings tend to be heavier than usual! You could injure yourself or damage your blinds in the process!

We offer free on-site consultation to offer you advice on our motorized blinds. Our sales team also brings along fabric and material samples, so that you can get a clear idea of what types of fabrics and blinds will complement your home furnishing style.

With customized blinds and exceptional service from one of the leading providers of blinds, let us at 99Curtains help you build your dream home!

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