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PVC Blinds


PVC Blinds are highly recommended for outdoor use!

Made of a material called Polyvinyl Chloride, PVC Blinds are able to completely keep out rain or shine and are useful for homes with balconies, roof terraces or patios. So if you’re sitting indoors and want to protect yourself from harmful UV rays, you can roll out your PVC blinds, and roll them back in when you’re ready to welcome the sunshine again.

PVC blinds can also be used indoors and are often a choice for offices. This helps make the office space a moreconducive working environment as the PVC blinds keep out glaring sunlight.

Even though PVC blinds come in only one type of fabric material, we do offer them in a variety of colors to suit your décor style.

When it comes to cleaning, PVC blinds are one of the easiest types of blinds to maintain. With a damp cloth, wipe down the blinds and they are clean again! This makes PVC blinds a convenient option for those who prefer not to spend too much time maintaining their blinds.

Combine your PVC Blinds with our one-touch system to automatically raise or lower them from inside the house. This comes useful especially on rainy days when you want to lower the blinds to prevent rain from splattering into your living space.

It’s highly recommended to engage a professional service when installing PVC Blinds for a number of reasons. Firstly, blinds can be customized in dimensions that best suit your windows. Next, you can choose your favorite colors that best fit your home décor style.

Finally, engaging a professional to install your PVC blinds ensures that they are secured properly to your wall. If you encounter problems after the installation, companies like 99Curtains also offer after-sales service and support.

Questions to ask when choosing PVC Blinds:

Where am I going to use the PVC blinds?
What colors do I want?
How wide should my PVC blinds be?
How long should my PVC blinds be?
How often should I clean them?
What types of motorized/automated mechanisms are there?
Is there warranty for wooden blinds?
Should I engage a professional to install my wooden blinds?

Where Can PVC Blinds Be Used?

Roof Terraces

PVC Blinds are an Ideal Choice If:

You want to keep out rain and sunshine
You are looking for cost-effective blinds for outdoors

You Shouldn’t Choose PVC Blinds if:

If you would like some sunshine and wind indoors
You prefer wood or bamboo materials for your blinds
You prefer to choose from various fabric types and designs

But you can consider these alternatives:

Bamboo Blinds
Rainbow blinds
Skylight blinds – for hard to reach places
Outdoor blinds – an alternative for the outdoors
Vertical/Office Blinds
Venetian Blinds

If you’re still not sure if PVC blinds are for you, or need some expect advice, give us a call! Our friendly sales team will be able to advise you accordingly. Fix an appointment with us for a free on-site consultation today!