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Rainbow Blinds or Shadow Blinds


Rainbow blinds, or some call it shadow blinds, can be said to serve the best of both worlds – allowing sun light to enter the room, yet offering the option of privacy at the same time. Rainbow blinds are great for living spaces that have strong sunlight penetrating the window, as they limit the amount of light coming into your home.

Rainbow blinds are made of a few layers – you can adjust the blinds so that the perforated layer allows sunlight to enter, or you can adjust the blinds so that the blacked out area provides more privacy when needed.

The twilight effect is created by alternative both layers within a single blind. Thus, rainbow blinds are less bulky yet serve dual purposes.

The color options available for rainbow blinds are also almost unlimited. You can opt to have a single color, or choose a blend of colors to complement your personal style.

Such customizations are available at 99Curtains and you may be limited by choice if you purchase rainbow blinds at regular stores.

Rainbow blinds come with either motorized or chain systems that you can choose from. If you prefer an automated convenience, opt for motorized rainbow blinds.

If automation is not essential, opt for chain system rainbow blinds. Most rainbow blinds mechanisms are covered by warranty, so don’t forget to ask about the warranty period and what is covered with it. This ensures that you’re protected sufficiently as a consumer!

We highly recommend you to engage a professional service to install rainbow blinds. Besides the customization available, using a professional service also ensures that your rainbow blinds are installed securely onto your walls.

Besides, 99Curtains provides after-sales support. So if you run into any problems even after the installation, you can give us a call for help! This is value that you cannot get when you buy blinds off the racks!

Ask these questions when choosing Rainbow Blinds:

  • What are my fabric options?
  • What colors do I want?
  • How long and wide do I want my rainbow blinds to be?
  • Do I need motorized or chain system rainbow blinds?
  • Do I need a professional to install my blinds for me?
  • Is there warranty and what does it cover?

Where Can Rainbow Blinds Be Used?

  • Living Room
  • Bedroom
  • Study Room
  • Nursery
  • Lounge
  • Office

Choose Rainbow Blinds if:

  • You want the flexibility of light and privacy
  • You like the twilight effect of rainbow blinds
  • You like the crisp look that blinds provide

You Shouldn’t Choose Rainbow Blinds If:

  • You only need either light OR privacy
  • You intend to use it outdoors
  • You want natural-looking blinds
  • You intend to have it at higher up windows

But you can consider these alternatives:

  • Roller Blinds – for either privacy OR light
  • Wooden/Timber Blinds – for nature-themed spaces
  • Skylight Blinds – for hard to reach places
  • Outdoor blinds – blinds that stand the test of nature

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