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Wooden Blinds


Wooden blinds offer a natural look to your home and provide a calming effect. Since timber blinds are suitable for humid rooms, they are usually recommended for use in the kitchens and bathrooms.

Wooden blinds offer a good degree of privacy whenever you need and lets in some natural sunlight and wind during the day too.

Many choose wooden blinds as the natural timber colors are a comfort to the eyes. Whether installed in the home or office, they are bound to provide a source of comfort and relaxation.

Wooden Blinds are ideal for the climate of Singapore as they also help regulate the temperatures of the living space while keeping noise out.

The timbers used in our wooden blinds have been carefully picked for high quality and we enhance the durability with quality finishing.

Our Wooden Blinds are made to stand the test of time!

Besides the natural timber colors, our wooden blinds also come in other range of natural colors including white, cream and black. So even if you find that the natural timber colors clash with your interior décor, there are also other colors to choose from should you prefer to use wooden blinds in your home.

It’s highly recommended to engage a professional service when installing Wooden Blinds for a number of reasons. Firstly, blinds can be customized in dimensions that best suit your windows. Next, fabric options for roller blinds can be chosen from a wide variety of designs and fabric types.

Finally, engaging a professional to install your roller blinds ensures that they are secured properly to your wall. If you encounter problems after the installation, companies like 99Curtains also offer after-sales service and support.

Questions to ask when choosing Wooden Blinds:

  • Do I want a natural wood color or others?
  • How long should my Wooden blinds be?
  • How often should I clean them?
  • Do they come in manual/motorized options?
  • Is there warranty for wooden blinds?
  • Should I engage a professional to install my wooden blinds?

Where Can Wooden Blinds Be Used?

  • Living Room
  • Bedrooms
  • Study Room
  • Lounge
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens

Wooden Blinds are an Ideal Choice If:

  • You want a natural look in your living space
  • You are looking for flexibility between privacy and light
  • You are looking for blinds for your kitchen or bathrooms
  • You want durable and easy to maintain blinds

You Shouldn’t Choose Wooden Blinds if:

  • You need to completely block out light
  • You are using it as a projection screen
  • You intend to have it at higher-up windows

But you can consider these alternatives:

  • Rainbow blinds
  • Skylight blinds – for hard to reach places
  • Outdoor blinds – for outdoors
  • Vertical/Office Blinds

If you’re still not sure if Wooden blinds are for you, or need some expect advice, give us a call! Our friendly sales team will be able to advise you accordingly. Fix an appointment with us for a free on-site consultation today!