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Professional & Experienced Furniture Re-Upholstery Service That Helps You Put Your Beloved Furniture Back to Life Again, Looks New & Feels New, At A Reasonable Price!



Buying a new furniture set cannot be a practical solution all the time.  You shall start from scratch again – redefining your needs, re-evaluating the furniture and reconsidering other options.

If you find your furniture serving you just fine, you can keep it still. Better, you can dress them differently for a much better and stunning look.  It will save you your precious time, all the hassle you will need to go through in order to find the right set of furniture, and not to say about the amount of money you could save.

Re-Upholstery Singapore is All You Need for Your Furniture

All you need is professional upholstery Singapore service; if your furniture requires new cushion interiors or simply has loose covers. As long as your furniture is still strong and durable, you can avail furniture upholstery and even re-upholstery services as often as you need them.

You want these done because you find it hard to find another set that is as comfortable as what you already have which in addition, has given a perfect sight to its current location in your home or office or other premises. It could also be you simply want to keep it with you because it is a set given by your loved one or, it is an antique shared by your family’s generations.

Save Your Precious Time by Engaging Professional Re-Upholstery Singapore Services

Furniture re-upholstery Singapore services can be brought to your home too, 100% FREE! As we fully understand that your time is valuable, our friendly re-upholstery Singapore consultant can give you a visit to show you samples, styles, designs and colors at your own convenient time.

Our upholstery Singapore consultant is always happy to share their professional opinions, suggestions and recommendations based on your current home arrangement and existing decorations.

Aside from saving your precious time, our professional furniture upholstery services can save you the trouble and money. Our upholstery or re-upholstery prices are very much reasonable and practical compared to repurchasing a new set.

Re-Upholstery for Sofa Sets, Chairs and Other Furniture

Chairs and sofa sets, when purchased can actually last a lifetime. They do not need to be bought every year as they are most likely made to last long. upholstery and re-upholstery services are to renew your seemingly worn-out chairs and sofa set into newly-born sets.  Do not let your sofas sink by letting upholstery make them firm again. Our re-upholstery Singapore services can also do the repair works and item rebuilding.  It can give you a fresh and more elegant furniture with a guarantee of your satisfaction as a customer.

Re-Upholstery Singapore Professional Services include the following Furniture:

  • Sofa Sets
  • Chairs
  • Dining Furniture
  • Rockers
  • Lounge Suites
  • And many more…

Re-Upholstery Singapore Services are Available for:

  • HDBs
  • Condominiums
  • Landed Properties
  • Clubs
  • Restaurants
  • Churches
  • Theatres/Auditoriums
  • Hotels
  • KTVs/Pubs
  • Offices
  • Etc.

Top-notch Professional Furniture Re-Upholstery Services uses quality materials coupled with state-of-the-art equipments in our furniture upholstery services. Our team comprises of qualified, well-trained and rich- experienced professionals to give you superb craftsmanship.

Our 7 Iron-Clad Guarantees:

Singapore Upholstery Guarantees

Your Professional Singapore Re-Upholstery Services is One Call/SMS Away

Contact us Today! Either you need a new furniture appearance for a more appealing home or office ambiance or a total revamp, upholstery Singapore service can provide just that with an assurance for a job that meet your budget and expectations.

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