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Upholstery or Re-Upholstery Service


“We give your used furniture a new lease of life!”

Why ditch your old furniture when it’s still usable? Seasoned furniture is usually the most comfortable! So save yourself time from having to shop for new furniture again and let 99Curtains revive your furniture to suit your new home deco theme.

“But if doesn’t fit my new decor style!”

Then let us help you to make it fit your new home decor style! Just like dresses that phase out due to new trends and colors that become duller with wear and tear, we can give your furniture a brand new “set of clothes.”

Whether your sofa seems to have sunk in, your cushions are no longer fluffy or your dining chair is no longer ‘cushiony,’ 99Curtains can help make them feel like brand new again, except they’re not as stiff as new furniture but more comfortable than before!


Our Upholstery and Re-Upholstery Service:

Dining Chairs


Why You Should Choose to Upholster or Re-Upholster:

Your existing furniture is too comfortable
Your existing furniture is still usable
Your furniture has sentimental value (a family heirloom or a reminds you of your childhood)
You have no time to shop for new furniture
You can’t find any new furniture that suits your new interior design theme

When you contact us for a free quotation, please provide us the photos of your furniture piece. You may either email us or send us by clicking the Contact Us form.

Should you find the given quotation acceptable, we’ll arrange our consultant to visit you on-site to provide you with fabric samples that you can select from.

Pick out your favourites that complement your curtains, blinds, or wallpapers for a complete themed living space.