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Wallpapers are gaining popularity in Singapore, as they are available in a range of designs that are ready to be fixed, complementing your home’s interior decoration. Match them with curtains or blinds to achieve the desired effect of your interior soft furnishing.

Whether it is for your living room, bedroom, children’s room or an office, the wallpapers by ENV Interior are bound to match your style. Add baby-designs to your nursery and change them to cartoon characters as they grow up.

Switching from a country look to a more modern home decor theme? Strip off those durable wallpapers and replace them with a modern wallpaper to revamp your living space.

Our wallpapers are durable and can last 5 to 10 years. Even if you want a change of design, they can easily be removed without damaging your wall.

Wall Murals are also gaining popularity among home owners who want to add life to their living spaces.

Wallpaper Adds The Perceived Value of Your Home

If you’re a home owner looking to sell or lease your home, using wallpapers are a quick way to brighten up your living space and make it more attractive to buyers and tenants. Recent studies back this up, as well-decorated homes and offices usually command a higher property value.

So, instead of repainting your walls and touching up uneven surfaces, applying wallpapers is quick and fuss-free method to create a flawless look on your walls.

Even if you’re temporarily renting out your place and intending to move back, you can easily remove the wallpapers and replace with a new design you prefer.


Wallpapers We offer:


Korean Wallpapers

Trendy designs available to suit your interior decoration style.


Wall Murals

Add a piece of art to your wall, so flawless, vistors will think you hired an artist to hand paint them on your wall!


Why You Should Choose Wallpapers:

You want a cost-effective way of designing the walls of your living space
You have a different theme for each room in your house
You like how wallpapers bring life to your living space
You feel that painting your walls is too troublesome and messy
You want to enhance the value of your home and attract buyers/tenants