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Window film is a paper-thin adhesive polyester sheet which can be applied on glass window panes. It can be retrofitted on untreated glass to enhance safety and increase protection from the sun. Window film comes in many colours and have a variety of benefits.

Primary Functions of Window Film

The main function of window film is to filter heat and ultraviolet (UV) or infrared (IR) rays. It is the simplest and most efficient way of reducing ultraviolet, infrared rays and heat from the sun. Untreated glass transmits most of the heat and ultraviolet rays. Window film is able to reduce this transmission by reflecting or filtering it away from the glass.

Why Install Window Film? The Benefits

Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays can increase the risk of contracting skin cancer and premature ageing of the skin. With the installation of window film, your exposure to ultraviolet rays is reduced, even if you are in a sun-drenched part of the building.

Prolong Life Span of Fixtures

Installing window film also prolongs the shelf life of fixtures in the building interior. The reduced exposure of these objects to sunlight protects the colours in furniture, carpets and wood from fading. It also prevents deterioration in the quality of fabrics and textiles.

Energy Saving

Besides, window film enables you to enjoy cost savings from your electricity bill. As window film reflects heat, the temperature in the building is cooler. In this way, air conditioning efficiency in the building can improve with saving in the energy.

Glare Control

Annoyed at the glare caused by the strong sunlight on sunny days? Window film can solve this issue for you too. Window film is able to reflect visible light, effectively cutting glare and protecting your eyes from strain and discomfort.

Increase Safety

Window film can help to protect the safety of you and your loved ones. The film prevents glass shards from flying by holding the shattered pieces together when breakage occurs. This is especially useful in homes with young children.

Enhance Appearance

We supply window film to cater to the aesthetic needs of the building too. You can select from a range of products to ensure that the film you purchase will compliment the exterior of the building.

Privacy Protection

Window film effectively tints and darkens the window panes. This can help to increase the level of privacy in your home or office, especially if the window is facing a busy area.

Scratch Resistance

Replacing glass is a cumbersome and expensive task. How about protecting your window panes before the need to replace them arises? Window film protects glass from scratches and graffiti. It is also much cheaper and easier to change window film as compared to changing an entire glass pane.

How to Choose a Good Quality Window Film? 

A 5-Points Consumer Checklist

  1. Ask if the window film is manufactured by a reputable company
  2. Ask to see product test report
  3. Ask for product demonstration
  4. Post installation verification
  5. Ask if the product warranty is manufacturer warranty or just a 3rd-party warranty


  • Frosted window film
  • Infrared (IR) rejection window film
  • Privacy window film
  • Safety film
  • Security film
  • Solar window film
  • Tinted window film
  • Ultraviolet (UV) window film 


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