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Outdoor Blinds


Outdoor Blinds are gaining popularity among Singaporeans, as they are very suitable for the tropical climate here. Since most would agree when we say that the weather in Singapore is very unpredictable, outdoor blinds serve the purpose of defense against the scorching sun’s heat and the torrential rains.

Outdoor blinds are usually made from PVC fabrics since the material is resistant to the harsh elements of Singapore’s weather. PVC-made outdoor blinds are also easy to clean and maintain should the need arise.

Even though outdoor blinds tend to be made from PVC fabrics, this does not mean that you are limited when choosing colors. Outdoor blinds now come in various colors and types, including perforated ones, allowing homeowners like you to have the freedom to decide on the color of your outdoor blinds.

One important factor that makes a good set of outdoor blinds is the security of the blinds. Using premium quality strong wires and bolts, the outdoor blinds can be secured and withstand strong winds or rain without putting the safety of you or your family members at risk.

It is also this need for security and safety that we highly recommend that you engage a professional to install your outdoor blinds. Our team of installers at 99Curtains is experienced in installing blinds securely and observes safety rules.

If you decide to go for motorized blinds, they also come with a period of warranty so that you get extra post-sales support for an added peace of mind.

Besides, we also offer a range of colors to choose your outdoor blinds. Since every homeowner’s need is unique, we offer made-to-measure outdoor blinds that give the best fit possible!

Questions to ask when choosing Outdoor Blinds:

  • What type/color of outdoor blinds do I want?
  • How long should my outdoor blinds be?
  • Where do I want my outdoor blinds to be?
  • Which professional blinds service should I use to install my outdoor blinds?
  • What types of roller mechanisms are available for my outdoor blinds?

Where Can Outdoor Blinds Be Used?

  • Balconies
  • Patios
  • Roof Terraces

Outdoor Blinds are an Ideal Choice If:

  • You want to keep out rain and sunshine
  • You want blinds that will not affect the beauty of your outdoor living space

You Shouldn’t Choose Outdoor Blinds if:

  • You’re not using them for outdoors
  • You’re not comfortable with PVC material as blinds
  • You want natural-looking blinds like timber/chicks

But you can consider these alternatives:

  • Wooden blinds
  • Skylight blinds
  • Venetian blinds
  • Bamboo blinds

Call us today to ask us more about our Outdoor Blinds. Our friendly sales team will be able to advise you accordingly. Fix an appointment with us for a free on-site consultation today!