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Skylight Blinds


Skylight Blinds are a must-have if you have homes with high windows that are not easily accessible. Sunshine that comes through the higher windows can be welcoming during the day, but what happens when you wish to block out the light for more privacy or to keep out the heat?

It is a hassle to climb up the ladder each time you wish to let light in or block it out. That’s when Skylight Blinds come in handy!

Ideally, you should hire a Blinds specialist to help you with customization and installation of your Skylight Blinds. 99Curtains also offer post-sales support and warranty on certain mechanisms of your blinds.

Since Skylight Blinds are for those hard to reach windows, it would be an obvious choice to go for motorized mechanisms. These usually come with a remote control so that you can conveniently adjust your Skylight blinds with a few buttons.

It’s highly recommended to engage a professional service when installing Skylight Blinds for a number of reasons. One of the most important reasons for engaging a professional Skylight Blinds provider like 99Curtains is customization.

Windows tend to differ in dimensions and in order to get the best fit, customizing your Skylight Blinds according to your windows’ dimensions will ensure that your windows are adequately covered.

Warning: It is dangerous to install Skylight Blinds on your own. It is not worth saving dollars to DIY that compromises your own safety!

If you are not familiar with the installation of blinds, trying to fix your own Skylight Blinds can put your safety at risk. Our team at 99Curtains is experienced and we adhere to safety procedures when installing your Skylight Blinds.

So let us customize your blinds and fix them up for an added peace of mind!

Besides, if you encounter problems after the installation, we also provide after-sales service and support.

Questions to ask when choosing Skylight Blinds:

  • What type of motorized blinds do I want?
  • Do the Skylight Blinds mechanisms come with a warranty?
  • Which professional should I engage to customize and install my blinds?

Where/How Can Skylight Blinds Be Used?

  • Roof Windows
  • Attics
  • High windows

Skylight Blinds are an Ideal Choice If:

  • You have high windows
  • You have roof windows
  • You want to block out light from these windows when needed

You Shouldn’t ChooseSkylight Blinds if:

  • You have full-length windows
  • Your windows are accessible without climbing up to them
  • You’re looking for blinds suitable for the outdoors

But you can consider these alternatives:

  • Panel Blinds
  • Rainbow blinds
  • Outdoor blinds – for outdoors
  • Vertical/Office Blinds
  • Wooden Blinds
  • Blackout Blinds
  • PVC Blinds

If you would like some expect advice on choosing and installing Skylight blinds, give us a call! Our friendly sales team will be able to advise you accordingly. Fix an appointment with us for a free on-site consultation today!